The following is the equipment needed for a GLA:D class of 4.

Bike / X Trainer / Arm Ergo/ Active Warm up

Hand weights 2x1kg, 2x2kg
 Steps: Small / medium / large

Therabands red /green /blue /black

Swiss balls x2

Floor mats X 2
Sturdy chair x2  Mirrors Floor sliders /mats x4-6, balance mats x4-6, broomsticks x4-6

Projector /laptop and whitewall or screen for educational sessions

Up to date defibrillator and advanced CPR certification


Suitable spaces for classes:

  • Small gym areas (~5m x 5m)
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Pilates Studios

Education sessions:

  • You will need a space to deliver these to participants, either in a small group or individually, and a large TV or Projector for the presentation.

Outcome measures:

  • You will also need a walkway for assessment of fast walking speed.