GLA:D® Australia Training for Physiotherapists - Online Sessions

This page contains all the information needed for the upcoming GLA:D® Australia Online Course in August.

In preparation for the course please read through and action each section below.

Information and links for each session are located under “Course Details”.

Requirements and Setup

The course will be completed online and you will need access to the following for the entirety of the course (Module 1, 2 and 3):

  • A tablet or computer (laptop or desktop) with a big enough screen to read and understand the presentations. Please download, and view, the following in full screen as an example – Presentation Example
  • A webcam, either attached via USB or built-in to the tablet or computer
  • We recommend headphones with a built-in microphone (usually supplied when you purchase a smart phone) to decrease feedback from the audio in the presentations; alternatively you can use the built-in speakers and microphone in most tablets and computers – instructions on testing your audio are below
  • A small, quiet and well lit room, with a comfortable place to sit – a study or clinic treatment room would be appropriate
Practical Equipment

The practical component (Module 2: ~3 hours duration) will also be completed online and you will need access to the following for Module 2 of the course:

  • A small, quiet and well lit room, with a comfortable place to sit – a study, garage, clinic treatment room or clinic gym space (if quiet enough) would be appropriate
  • Mat, treatment plinth or somewhere suitable to lie Trunk Strength Exercises
  • Swiss Ball (preferred) or sturdy chair Trunk Strength Exercises
  • Sturdy Chair with 4 legs (Hip Chair or dining chair) Knee Exercises and Chair Stand Exercises
  • Assorted Theraband ~ 2m lengths (Ideally Green/Blue/Black/Silver/Gold) – Knee Exercises and Hip Exercises
  • Sturdy Attachment Point (Kitchen table, leg of bed, etc) – Hip Exercises
  • Step (adjustable preferred) – Step-up Exercises
  • Slider (Polishing Cloth for hard surfaces / furniture slider for soft surfaces) – Slider Exercises
  • Long dowel or broom handle Slider Exercises
  • Any weights (weight vest/dumbbell/kettle bell/pet) Exercise Progression

Testing Audio

In preparation for the course please test audio for the tablet or computer you will be using to attend the course.

  1. Click any of the session links below
  2. A pop-up will appear stating “waiting for host to join”
  3. Click the “test speaker” button on the pop-up
  4. Test both your speakers and microphone, following the prompts on your screen

During the course you will be able to adjust your audio and video settings by clicking the small arrow next to the “mute/unmute” button or “video” button.

Course Manual

The course manual must be downloaded and available for reference during the course, either in hard copy or digitally.

It can be printed locally if desired, e.g. costs ~$15 at Officeworks with spiral bounding.

Course Details

The following articles provides background of the GLA:D® Program and it’s foundations.

  • Feasibility of neuromuscular training in patients with severe hip or knee OA: The individualized goal-based NEMEX-TJR training program – Ageberg et al, 2010 – Download Article
  • Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:DTM): evidence-based education and supervised neuromuscular exercise delivered by certified physiotherapists nationwide – Soren Skou & Ewa Roos, 2017 – Download Article

Wednesday 5th August, 2020, 0830-1700 AEST

Zoom link: 

Instructions: Please ensure you have gone through the checks above under ‘Requirements and Setup’ and ‘Testing Audio’.

Each participant will need their OWN DEVICE to complete the pre-course questionnaire.  A smart-phone will be adequate for this but NOT for attending the lectures.

Resources (available here on the day)

Ensure you have booked into a session through Eventbrite.

Please attend the session you booked through Eventbrite; you should have received a confirmation email from Eventbrite. Email if you need further assistance.

Zoom link:


Wednesday 19th August, 0830-1030 AEST

Zoom link:

Instructions: Please ensure you have gone through the checks above under ‘Requirements and Setup’ and ‘Testing Audio’.


Members of the GLA:D® Australia team will be on hand to assist you with any issues you may have.

We recommend testing your audio and video well in advance of the course – as described above.

If you have any questions before the course, please email

Telephone support will also be available on the day(s) of the course; please call 0447 505 012

After the course you will receive an email containing your post-course test (a requirement for certification).

Please then complete and return the following:



Please note - Recording of Course

GLA:D® Australia will record all components of the course, including Modules 1, 2 & 3, for training and quality purposes. These recordings will not be made available to individuals following the course. If you have any questions please contact