Physiotherapists wishing to provide the GLA:D Australia™ Program must attend one of the GLA:D Australia™ courses. Only Physiotherapists that have attended the course can provide the GLA:D Australia™ Program.

The course fee is $400 per attendee, with a 10% discount available to multiple attendees booking together. If you are booking multiple attendees, but need to pay separately, please contact Matt Francis for instructions –

There are no annual/subscription/etc. fees associated with delivering the GLA:D Australia™ Program, other than the course cost.

The GLA:D Australia™ Program has been setup as an implementation project by researchers at La Trobe’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, following on from research by the GLA:D® Programs Developers in Denmark, aimed at improving the care for patients suffering from hip and/or knee osteoarthritis, and as such is not centred around making money or charging fees.

The GLA:D Australia™ Program is delivered by physiotherapists, and has been adapted from physiotherapist led programs of GLA:D® Denmark, and GLA:D Canada™. The program has been delivered to more than 30, 000 Danish patients, with findings indicating significant improvements in pain, function and physical activity, as well as reduced analgesia consumption and sick days. 
Replicating the Danish initiative, we are currently collecting data from patients treated with the program by physiotherapists in our nation wide database. We hope to use these findings to lobby the government and private health insurers to improve care, in line with current Osteoarthritis clinical guidelines.
GLA:D Australia™ recognises the skills that other health professionals possess to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of hip and knee osteoarthritis. We recommend that all GLA:D Australia™ accredited physiotherapists engage with such health professionals where appropriate to optimise current evidence based management of osteoarthritis.

The team at GLA:D Australia™ are always looking for opportunities to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of hip and knee osteoarthritis, if you are interested in collaborating with research please get in touch with Matt Francis –

The GLA:D Australia™ Program is only available to Australian registered Physiotherapists practicing in Australia.

The program is offered in Canada, for details please contact the team at GLA:D Canada™

The program is offered in Denmark, for details please contact the team at GLA:D® Denmark

For all other international inquiries please contact Soren Skou –