**COVID-19 Update**

In the current situation with COVID-19, GLA:D® Australia recommends that patients consult the relevant state/territory COVID-19 guidelines to maximise their safety.  If you are aged over 70, have other health or medical issues, or are concerned about risks to your health with a face-to-face service, please discuss this with your physiotherapist. Telehealth options are available through a number of accredited GLA:D® Australia clinics.

GLA:D® Australia Training Courses

The GLA:D® Australia Team is monitoring COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information and advice closely. 

Please protect your health and the health of others by following the Australian Department of Health guidelines 



Our online training program has formed the foundation of our training in 2021; while this may continue from now on, we do hope that face-to-face training may be part of the picture in 2022.  We are excited about the opportunities this may bring in terms of accessibility to our courses for physiotherapists around Australia.  

GLA:D® Australia continues to operate as usual in all other ways: managing the registry, replying to emails and advocating for high value evidence based education and exercise delivered by physiotherapists.

The team at GLA:D® Australia are committed to ensuring that physiotherapists are not only trained to provide the highest level of evidence-based care, but are also supported to deliver it.  As a not for profit initiative, this means we can only cater to a certain number of attendees on each course, but we will strive to increase the availability of courses where possible.

NB: The GLA:D® Australia course is only open to Physiotherapists registered in Australia and only Physiotherapists who have successfully completed the course can deliver the GLA:D® Program.

Online courses will have three modules:

  • MODULE 1: Lectures – Full day
  • MODULE 2: 4-hour practical session during the following week
  • MODULE 3: Final 3-hour session to prepare for implementation

There is also a pre-course Learning component to be completed independently prior to the course (approximately an hour).

Please note that currently the modules are entirely on-line and must be completed IN REAL TIME, IN SEQUENCE and WITHIN THE SPECIFIED COURSE BLOCK.

Face-to-face or hybrid courses may take a slightly different format, but content will remain the same.


The team at GLA:D Australia are very keen to start offering face-to-face training again, but are very mindful of the uncertain times we are working in.

We have planned just two courses so far for 2022:

  • February Online
  • April/May Face-to-face

Further dates will be set early in 2022, and will be sent to subscribers and posted online https://gladaustralia.com.au/glad-australia-training-courses/.

February Online:

  • Module 1 Wednesday 16/2/2022 (9.30-5.30, AEDT)
  • Module 2 options below
  • Module 3 Friday 25/2/2022 (10.00-1.00, AEDT)

Module 2 (online prac sessions – limited places per session):

  1. Thursday 17/2/2022 (1.00-5.00, AEDT)
  2. Friday 18/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  3. Saturday 19/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  4. Monday 21/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  5. Tuesday 22/2/2022 (1.00-5.00, AEDT)
  6. Wednesday 23/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)

April/May Face-to-face at LTU (Bundoora, VIC):

Friday 29/4/2022 (8.30-5.30, AEST) and Saturday 30/4/2022 (8.30-1.00, AEST)

Fees and further details about the course are found here: https://gladaustralia.com.au/education-glad-australia-trainers/faqs/ 

Links to book and register for courses will ONLY be sent to Subscribers (see below) and WILL NOT be published here.

BOOKINGS WILL OPEN MONDAY, 13 DECEMBER, at 12 noon AEDT (Melbourne time) for the FEBRUARY course

At that time, the booking link will be sent to subscribers; it WILL NOT be placed on our website.  If you have not subscribed by this time, and would like to book, please email GLAD.Australia@latrobe.edu.au.

The link you receive will direct you to Eventbrite, where you will make your booking for the February 2022 course.

There are THREE Modules to this training course, all held online and in real time:

  • Module 1 Wednesday 16/2/2022 (9.30-5.30, AEDT)
  • Module 2 options below
  • Module 3 Friday 25/2/2022 (10.00-1.00, AEDT)

Module 2 (online prac sessions):

  1. Thursday 17/2/2022 (1.00-5.00, AEDT)
  2. Friday 18/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  3. Saturday 19/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  4. Monday 21/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)
  5. Tuesday 22/2/2022 (1.00-5.00, AEDT)
  6. Wednesday 23/2/2022 (9.00-1.00, AEDT)

The booking selection you will make on Eventbrite will be for your Module 2 (Practical) session.  Once you make your booking, you will also be automatically booked in to Module 1 and Module 3. Please make sure you have these dates and times in your calendar as well.

The link for full registration and payment will be sent out once all bookings are finalised. Further instructions about access to the sessions and pre-course work will be sent closer to the course.

Subscribe here to receive updates in relation to training dates and courses.  Subscribers will receive course notifications and registration links via email.  

Following training, you will also receive the monthly newsletter from GLA:D® Australia.

If you have subscribed for updates, including notification preferences, you will receive an automated email confirming your subscription.  You’ll then receive broadcast emails as they are released detailing when registrations will open, and then with links to register.   

Subscribers please note:

Please add GLAD.Australia@latrobe.edu.au to your safe senders list or to your contacts, as communication will come from this account.
Automatic confirmation will be sent; please check junk mail if not received.

See here for information about course content.

Payment for training courses is taken along with registration details through the La Trobe University OneStop system.  Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.  GLA:D® Australia is not able to invoice for training courses.

See https://gladaustralia.com.au/education-glad-australia-trainers/faqs/ for further details about fees.

GLA:D® Australia is able to to provide training only to AHPRA-registered physiotherapists, newly-graduated physiotherapists and some physiotherapists on interim certification.

GLA:D® Australia encourages physiotherapists to work with other health care providers in helping people to access evidence-based care.


Visit our FAQs page for more info.