Referral Process

Please do not send referrals to GLA:D® Australia.

You need to refer to your local GLA:D® Clinicians

See below ‘Referral Process’ for further information.

  • The GLA:D® Program in Australia is delivered by physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists who have been trained and certified by GLA:D® Australia.
  • GLA:D® is part of the usual scope of practice for these clinicians and is provided through their usual referral pathways and funding arrangements.
  • Referrers and participants can identify a suitable provider from the GLA:D® Clinic Locations
  • Referrals should be directed to the provider using normal referral pathways.
  • Further information for potential participants can be found here .
  • Diagnosed hip or knee osteoarthritis – either radiographically or clinically.  X-rays not required.
  • Some co-morbidities will indicate exclusion but will be assessed on referral.
  • Additional criteria apply for data collection but do not preclude from participation in the education and exercise.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Individuals will take part in a supervised, standardised but personalised program of education and exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis twice a week for a period of 6-8 weeks.

Neuromuscular Exercises

Please note that GLA:D® Australia provides training to appropriate clinicians, and undertakes requisite data collection, but DOES NOT provide a direct service.

Further information about the GLA:D® program and what is involved can be found here:

Information about GLA:D® International can be found here: