All participating centres will have ethics approval prior to launching the program and participant consent processes are included in the data collection. The data capture and storage processes have been developed within cross-jurisdictional privacy and confidentiality requirements and ethical principles and requirements for research involving any form of program evaluation with human participants. Data sharing agreements will be put in place between the data host site and each participating centre. Each centre can request access to their own data. Anyone that requires data from additional sites must be approved by the GLA:D® Australia data oversight committee.

Any individuals who are interested in undertaking research or any study on the GLA:D® Australia program must contact Dr. Christian Barton or Dr Jo Kemp with a short description of the project which includes a brief background and the objectives and methods and the data requested. The submissions will be reviewed by an oversight research committee for approval recommendations. This will ensure data security, alignment with the research and evaluation being undertaken in the different programs across the country to avoid duplication of projects.

If the research committee identifies that the project should process then discussions will include use of data, publications etc. and an agreement will be signed by all parties. The group submitting the proposal will be required to pay a nominal fee for creation of the dataset and will assume all other costs related to data analysis and dissemination.

Any publication must be reviewed by GLA:D Australia project team before submission with a 30 day turn around.