Is GLA:D® Australia right for your clinic?

If you or your organisation/clinic is interested in providing the GLA:D® Australia program, there are a few things to consider.

1. Clientele

Is there a need for this program at your organisation/clinic? Do the people you serve experience symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis? Will your clientele be able to access this program (see ‘Who Can Take Part in GLA:D‘ for more information)?

2. Staff

To provide the GLA:D® Australia program, you must have eligible exercise professionals (physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists) complete a 2-day training course in order to become a certified GLA:D® Australia clinician. The GLA:D® Australia program is a high quality education and exercise program. Staff must have the knowledge, skills, ability and scope of practice to independently assess patients, prescribe exercises, progress exercises (including home based recommendations), modify exercises as appropriate for participants (to fit their individual ability and contraindications) and transition functional exercises to physical activity and activities of daily living. GLA:D® Australia clinicians must maintain their certification.

Consider having multiple trained staff to provide the program. This will allow for coverage if a staff member is unable to provide the program. We recommend having at least two certified clinicians.

3. Philosophy of Care

Does your organisation/clinic have a philosophy of outcome driven care and providing services that are evidence-based?

4. Resources

The program consists of 2-3 group education sessions. These presentations require 2 powerpoint presentations. We recommend having access to a laptop/computer, projector, screen or blank wall space, and seating for all participants.

The program consists of 12 group exercise sessions taking place twice per week for six weeks. These sessions are 60 minutes in duration and require some equipment (see below).

  • Space requirement (14m uninterrupted walkway)
  • Exercise balls
  • Steps
  • Therabands of varying resistance
  • Chairs
  • Stop watch
  • Pylons
  • Mats
  • Optional: cycle ergometer, furniture sliders or plastic bags (if facility floors are carpeted)



Interested in becoming a certified GLA:D® Australia Clinician?

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