OVERVIEW OF SELF-DIRECTED MODULE 1: Training Course for GLA:D® Hip and Knee Clinicians

This Self-Directed Module 1 is for Clinicians undertaking the GLA:D® Clinician Training Course who have elected to complete Module 1 as a self-directed learning module, instead of attending a live session. 

THIS PAGE IS AN OVERVIEW ONLY. Once you are enrolled to complete this module, you will be directed to a page with live links, recordings and resources.


Complete the pre-reading/learning.

Before you start any of the content below, complete your pre-course quiz.

This will set you up to complete your certification following the course. If you do not complete it, you will not be set up to complete your certification at the end of the course.


There is a Program Handbook to keep you on the straight and narrow during and after training.  Make sure you have the Handbook downloaded and available for reference during the course.  It’s only a few pages, so you may wish to print it off.


The Program Manual is comprehensive and includes all resources outlined in the Handbook.  You may wish to have this accessible during training; print with caution as it’s hefty!! – and please note that this material will be updated from time to time and made available on the GLA:D® Australia Clinician’s Dropbox.

There are some learning polls throughout the module. 

You will need to print out the Module 1 Polling Questions sheet and use it to record your answers.


  • Presentations 
  • Lecture on Weight Management and OA by Dr Adrienne Forsyth
    • Slides
  • Dropbox link – note that you do not need to create an account or download this entire resource. It’s a live resource that is being updated regularly, and an account is not required for access. You can simply download individual files as you require.
  • Facebook group for certified clinicians
  • Facebook page for public access
Module 1 Content

These recordings are from live Module 1 training sessions and will be updated whenever there are changes in content.

Watch all of the recordings below and be sure to complete the learning check/poll videos along the way.

  • Introductions
    • Meet the Team
    • Introduction to Certification and Fidelity
    • Overview of GLA:D® Lecture
    • Website Overview
  • What is OA
    • What is OA Lecture
    • What is OA Learning Check
  • First-Line Interventions 
    • Education Lecture
    • Exercise Lecture
    • Weight Management Lecture
    • First-Line Interventions Learning Check
  • Second- and Third- Line Interventions
    • Second-Line Interventions Lecture
    • Third-Line Interventions Lecture
    • Second- and Third- Line Interventions Learning Check
  • NeMEx Development Lecture
  • Goal Setting Lecture



Completing your Training
  • Please complete this form to verify that you have watched all recordings in time for your practical session, and to complete a final quick quiz. 
  • Refer to the course web-page for all further information  – including Zoom links for prac sessions
  • The live course includes plenty of time for questions and discussion. You can bring questions to your Module 2 prac session; or you can email them through to GLAD.Australia@latrobe.edu.au.