GLA:D™ Australia is a program for all individuals who experience any severity of hip and/or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

Our program is typically run in private clinics, or public and private hospital physiotherapy departments. There is a small fee to participate in the program, and some reimbursements can be available through private health insurance.

You may participate in the GLA:D™Australia program if you have a hip or knee joint problem that resulted in visiting a health care provider.

You may not be able to participate in the GLA:D™Australia program if:

  • You have other reasons for your hip and/or knee problem (for example, tumor, inflammatory joint disease, result of hip fracture, soft tissue or connective tissue problems
  • You have other symptoms that are more pronounced than the osteoarthritis problems (for example chronic generalized pain or fibromyalgia)
  • You are unable to understand and communicate in English*

* Some of our clinics may be able to provide the program in multiple languages. Contact your respective GLA:D™Australia clinic for details.

If you think you would benefit from the GLA:D™Australia program, contact one of our GLA:D™ Australia clinics or email the GLA:D™ Australia team.