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As private health insurers look to provide better funding to support GLA:D® Australia for their members, initiatives to provide the program as a chronic disease management program (CDMP) are emerging. This page provides you some guidance to help with the implementation of GLA:D® delivered as a CDMP. Your clinic must have an agreement in place with a private health insurer for you to provide GLA:D® as a CDMP.

In order to constitute delivery of GLA:D® as a CDMP, you must:

  1. Register participants on the registry, found here.
  2. Indicate that the program is being provided as a CDMP when registering (see guidance video below).
  3. Obtain and upload WRITTEN consent to participate in the CDMP project (see guidance video below).
  4. Complete a treatment plan (see guidance video, and link to download below).

As part of registration, you must upload a signed version of the consent form.

Download a blank version of this form here or during participant registration process as shown in the video above.


Download the treatment plan template here.