These resources are for GLA:D® Clinicians who have been delayed in their re-certification, and have been instructed to review Module 3 content prior to re-certification

If you have not been directed to this web-page by GLA:D® Australia, please contact us before going any further.


Please go to and select ‘Payment of late fee for re-certification’ to pay the fee.

Once payment has been received, you will be provided with the password to access the recorded content page.

Review recorded content here:, including completing the learning poll video. The password is provided on payment of the late fee.

You will need to watch:

  • Data Collection (40 min)
  • Resources and Support (12 min)
  • Implementation (25 min)
  • Telehealth (12 min)

You can download the poll questions here: Polling Questions. Pause the video whenever you need, and refer back to course presentations and the Dropbox to verify the answers.

Email to let us know you’ve completed the review. We will then send through your certification test link.

Certification tests are evaluated at the beginning of each month (except during summer holidays) and you will be informed of the outcome shortly after that.

Your certification will be dated from when your re-certification was due.


Here is the Program Handbook to keep you on the straight and narrow during and after training: Program Handbook.  Make sure you have the Handbook downloaded and available for reference during the course.  It’s only a few pages, so you may wish to print it off.


The Program Manual  is comprehensive and includes all resources outlined in the Handbook.  You may wish to have this accessible during training; print with caution as it’s hefty!! – and please note that this material will be updated from time to time and made available on the GLA:D® Australia Clinician’s Dropbox.