PD Course for GLA:D®-Ineligible Clinicians

This GLA:D® Australia PD Course is designed for Health Clinicians who:

  • Do not have an eligible qualification (eligible qualifications are AHPRA-Registered Physiotherapist or ESSA- Accredited Exercise Physiologist); or,
  • Do not wish to pursue Certification as a GLA:D® Australia Clinician due to clinic setting.

If you have not been directed to this web-page by GLA:D® Australia, please contact us before going any further.

The cost to complete the PD Course is $150+GST ($165) and should be paid before proceeding any further.

  • Pre-course overview
  • What is OA
    • What is OA Lecture
    • What is OA Learning Check
  • First-Line Interventions 
    • Education Lecture
    • Exercise Lecture
    • Weight Management Lecture
    • First-Line Interventions Learning Check
  • Second- and Third- Line Interventions
    • Second-Line Interventions Lecture
    • Third-Line Interventions Lecture
    • Second- and Third- Line Interventions Learning Check
  • NeMEx Development Lecture


Learning check: What Is OA?

You can download all questions here: Polling Questions. Pause videos whenever you need, and refer back to course presentations to verify the answers.

3a: First Line Interventions: Education (22 mins)

3b: First Line Interventions: Exercise (19 mins)

3c: First Line Interventions: Weight Management (12 mins)

Learning Check: First Line Interventions

4a: Second Line Interventions (32 mins)

4b: Third Line Interventions (22 mins)

Learning Check: Second and Third Line Interventions


Details TBC

Please complete this form to confirm your completion of all components, submit a brief test and apply to receive your attendance certificate: https://redcap.link/gladpd

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